Select Engagements

Process & Mechanical Construction Company

Served as Chief Restructuring Officer and CFO for a multi-national company. Losses were significant, but ultimately was stabilized and sold to a private equity firm.

Cloud Storage Company

Acted as financial advisor for a cloud storage company in Chapter 11. Company was able to sell off assets through 363 sale and wind-down in an orderly fashion to maximize return to creditors.

Federal Receiver

Acted as Federal Receiver for a steel tank fabricator and construction company. Sold company to a strategic buyer within four months.

Financial Services

Financial advisor to a financial investment / mortgage banking company. Developed financial models, forecasts and action plans. Helped design and implement new credit policies and procedures. Assisted in the preparation of the new financing.


Acted as financial advisor to the equity holders of a multi-branded wine company as it negotiated the details of a restructuring with its lender.

Health Care

Workout of a chain of hospitals and skilled care facilities. Company filed Chapter 11 and all assets sold through bankruptcy auction.

Machine Tool Company

Hired as financial advisor to facilitate negotiations with its bank. Implemented changes and recommended an action plan, which resulted in a satisfactory amendment to the senior credit facility.

Building Contractor

Served as financial and operational advisor. Company returned to profitability with a $20M+ swing in EBITDA from the prior year and the result was a long-term extension from their bank.

Assignment for Benefit of Creditors

Served as Assignee for a multi-entity winery. Responsible for all facets of the assignment.

Plan Administrator

Upon confirmation of a Chapter 11 bankruptcy, responsible for all trust funds and activities of the plan. Completed and active cases.

Financial and Operational Advisor

Represented a building materials distributor and returned the company to profitability in preparation for sale.

Creditor Representation

Retained as a financial advisor in the negotiation of a complete balance sheet restructure of a large private company.

Financial Advisor to a Chapter 11 Trustee

Hired to determine Plan feasibility to help facilitate the confirmation of an acceptable plan for all parties.

Government Agency

Retained by a government agency as exclusive financial advisor in a negotiation with a private company. The agency required analysis and advice to evaluate a financial concession for the private company. Assignment included evaluating bankruptcy & insolvency issues, financial statement analysis and general negotiations.

Financial Services Litigation Support

Retained by a financial services firm to opine on the state of the economy and capital markets during a 1-year historic period, as well as provide expert testimony on the credit profile of the company and its fit within the market during that time period.

Multi-national Services Company

Retained as global program manager. Drove the organizational restructuring of a 5000 person division across 50 countries for a large multi-national to enable significant cost savings and improved efficiencies.

Media Company

Retained as operations and financial advisor for media company. Led successful turnaround through implementation of aggressive cost optimization, improved cash management procedures, and pruning unprofitable customers.

Life Science Litigation / Creditor

Represented a creditor in a bankruptcy to provide litigation analysis, expert report, deposition testimony and subsequent analysis as part of a potential settlement.

Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturer

Retained as financial advisor and wind-down consultant for a public supplier of semiconductor equipment in Chapter 11. The engagement included liquidating the remaining assets of the company and estate administration. Assignment also included employee issues, accounting, insurance, tax obligations and other wind down procedures.

Manufacturing Company Divestiture

Managed a skilled team of consultants and acted as worldwide program manager for a large divestiture project where client was spinning off an $8 billion dollar business and required complex multi-national coordination to ensure a smooth transition of its support business.

Technology Company Process Improvement

Retained as consultant to develop and implement strategies to optimize the cost structure of an organization with 4000+ staff in 35 countries. Team used analysis of front-office / back-office processes to develop opportunities for process standardization, optimization, and outsourcing.

Customer Service and Support Strategic Planning

Facilitated strategic planning effort for a $7 billion dollar customer operations group. Assisted with creation of budgets, portfolio management processes, and governance structures.

Commercial Real Estate

Retained as financial advisor to negotiate the debt restructuring with the company’s mortgage lender.

Other Experiences

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