Proof of claim for Leap Motion Inc.

In the Matter of: Leap Motion Inc.

c/o LMI LIQUIDATING CO., LLC                                                          

7 West 41st Ave - #523                                                                          

San Mateo, CA 94403

BAR DATE: October 28, 2019   Claims must be received by this date.

The undersigned creditor of Leap motion, Inc., a Delaware corporation ("Assignor") hereby submits its claim in the general assignment estate created in favor of LMI Liquidating Co., LLC ("Assignee") as of May 24, 2019, in the amount as set forth below, and substantiated by the attached invoices or statement of account. 

Note: Click LMI Forms to download forms for printing.  Interest on unsecured claims is applicable only to the date of the assignment (5/24/19) and then only in the event that interest is payable under either a written agreement or is due to a judgment.

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LMI Liquidating Co. LLC, Assignee for Leap Motion

7 41st Ave - #523, San Mateo, California 94403, United States